God’s Gifts

A six part series looking at some of God’s gifts to us and how they impact our lives.

God’s gift of Light (Steve Parsons)

God’s gift of Peace (Steve Parsons)

God’s gift of Joy (Steve Parsons)

God’s gift of Love (Steve Parsons)

God’s gift of Hope (Josh Thomas)

God’s gift of Grace (Christine Cartwright)

Soul Renovation

A five part series looking beneath the surface and dealing with your inner world.

Part 1 – Looking beneath the surface (Josh Thomas) – 10th February
Part 2 – feelings (Steve Parsons) – 17th February
Part 3 – Thinking (Steve Parsons) – 24th February
Part 4 – Repairing the past (Josh Thomas) – 3rd March
Part 5 – Sin, and how to deal with it (Steve Parsons) – 10th March