Is there more to Christmas?

kick start your 2019 Christmas by joining us for our series, is there more to christmas?

Happy Chirstmas? (Josh Thomas, 1st December 2019)

The most wonderful time of year? (Steve Parsons, 8th December 2019)

Only a winters tale? (Josh Thomas, 15th December 2019)

A newborn king to see? (Steve Parsons, 22nd December 2019)

Happy New Year? (Josh Thomas, 29th December 2019)

Autumn 2019

This autumn we have a series of one off messages that have significant meanings for us today.

Restore (David Flanders, 20th October 2019)

We live as we give (Steve Parsons, 27th October 2019)

God over All: Why Suffering? (Steve Parsons, 3rd November 2019)

God over All: Life in his hands (Steve Parsons, 10th November 2019)

Unleashing Encouragement (Josh Thomas, 17th November 2019)

Living Hope (Steve Parsons, 23rd November 2019)

Rising Above the Downward Pull

When life starts to pull you down, how do we rise above? This 7 week series will equip you with the tools to do just that.

Foundations (Steve Parsons, 1st September 2019)

Armour (Martin Cooper, 8th September 2019)

Promises (Steve Parsons, 15th September 2019)

Spirit (Steve Parsons, 22nd September 2019)

Praise (Steve Parsons, 29th September 2019)

Story (Christine Cartwright, 6th October 2019)

Community (Steve Parsons, 13th October 2019)

All In

All in is our new sermon series for summer 2019. A five week series on how God wants us to play our part.

All In: All People (Steve Parsons 29th July 2019)

All In: All Authority (Steve Parsons, 4th August 2019)

All In: All Gifts (Josh Thomas, 11th August 2019)

All In: All Power (Josh Thomas, 18th August 2019)

All In: All Together (Josh Thomas, 25th August 2019)

The Great 8

Our latest sermon series looking at the 8 sayings of the beatitudes and how they can change our life today.

19th May 2019 – Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Steve Parsons)

26th May 2019 – Blessed are those that mourn for they will be comforted. (Steve Parsons)

2nd June 2019 – Blessed are the meek (Steve Parsons)

9th June 2019 – Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness (Steve Parsons)

16th June 2019 – Fathers day (Josh Thomas)

23rd June 2019 – Blessed are the Merciful (Steve Parsons)

30th June 2019 – Blessed are the pure of heart for they will see God (Steve Parsons)

14th July 2019 – Blessed are the Peace makers for they will be called children of God (Steve Parsons)

22nd July 2019 – Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.


During the next few weeks we have one off sermons before the launch of our next series.

28th April 2019 – Keeping our confidence (Steve Parsons)


5th of May 2019 – Acceptance (Josh Thomas)

12th of May 2019 – A culture of Generosity (Martin Cooper)


A new series looking at Jesus’ last words from the Cross and what that means for us today

24th March 2019 – Forgiveness Multiplied (Steve Parsons)

31st March 2019 – Never Alone (Steve Parsons)

7th April 2019 – I Thirst (Josh Thomas)

14th April 2019 – Final Victory (Steve Parsons)

God’s Gifts

A six part series looking at some of God’s gifts to us and how they impact our lives.

God’s gift of Light (Steve Parsons)

God’s gift of Peace (Steve Parsons)

God’s gift of Joy (Steve Parsons)

God’s gift of Love (Steve Parsons)

God’s gift of Hope (Josh Thomas)

God’s gift of Grace (Christine Cartwright)

Soul Renovation

A five part series looking beneath the surface and dealing with your inner world.

Part 1 – Looking beneath the surface (Josh Thomas) – 10th February
Part 2 – feelings (Steve Parsons) – 17th February
Part 3 – Thinking (Steve Parsons) – 24th February
Part 4 – Repairing the past (Josh Thomas) – 3rd March
Part 5 – Sin, and how to deal with it (Steve Parsons) – 10th March