40 Days of Renewal

What would your life look like if you spent the next 40 days intentionally plugging in to what Jesus has for you? Join us as we journey together.

Week 1 – Renewed in forgiveness

Week 2 – Renewed in the Word

Week 3 – Renewed in the Spirit

Week 4 – Renewed in faith

Week 5 – Renewed in Witnessing

Week 6 – Renewed in Love


This September join us as we look at how we can stay on course and not fall away from our faith.

Overcoming discouragement, 6th September 2020 ( Steve Parsons)

The Danger of drifting, 13th September 2020 (Steve Parsons)

The slow road to a sudden fall, 20th September 2020 (Steve Parsons)

Guarding against pride, 27th September 2020 (Steve Parsons)


A series of one off messages during the summer.

Choosing to live in freedom, 19th July 2020 (Penny Hollis)

Total Control? 26th July 2020 – (Josh Thomas)

Your Rehoboth is coming, 2nd August 2020 (Steve Parsons)

Youth led Service – Hope, 9th August 2020

Don’t lose your song, 16th August 2020 (Steve Parsons)

God is at work, 23rd August 2020 (Steve Parsons)

The Power of gratitude, 30th August 2020 (Josh Thomas)


Join us for our latest series exploring the big questions to faith. A great series to share with your friends.

Why Suffering? (Steve Parsons 19th April 2020)

Why is Jesus the only way? – (Steve Parsons 26th April 2020)

What does the future hold? – (Steve Parsons 3rd May 2020)


Catch up on our series as we build up to Easter looking at the man who changed the world.

Do Not Be Afraid – (Steve Parsons, 8th March 2020)

The story of Grace – (Josh Thomas, 15th March 2020)

My Peace I leave you (Steve Parsons, 24th February 2020)

Joy (Josh Thomas, 29th March 2020)

Faith (Steve Parsons, 5th April 2020)

Good Friday – Isolation (Steve Parsons 10th April 2020)

Easter Sunday – Resurrection (Steve Parsons, 12th April 2020)

Let Us Pray

We are a church that believes prayer changes everything. Do you struggle with praying? Join us as we journey through February learning the power of prayer.

The Power of Prayer (Steve Parsons, 2nd February 2020)

Praying with God (Steve Parsons, 9th February 2020)

A Conversation (Steve Parsons, 16th February 2020)

Hearing from God (Josh Thomas, 23rd February 2020)