Sundays at 10:30am

Our Main Family Service

Typically, we worship through a mixture of modern songs, hymns, prayers, and scripture readings. Each week we seek to provide a life-giving, thought-provoking, gospel-centred message.

Children and teenagers worship with us for the first part of the service, and then go to their own groups half-way through the service. We have a great team of volunteers who work with the children and teenagers, providing fun, games, and Christ-centered teaching.

If you would like to listen to our morning sermons please visit our sermons page.

Sundays at 6:30pm

1st Sunday 

On the first Sunday evening of each month we meet for a time of worship, prayer and communion. It’s a time to come and be renewed in our faith and refreshed in God’s presence.

Sunday Evening Studies

The other Sunday evenings have a focus on Bible Study. A different speaker each week brings a message from a particular passage. We are currently studying through the book of Romans.

What to expect when you visit 

We want our church to be accessible to everyone, whether you’re a committed follower of Christ, a curious visitor, or a skeptical friend. Whoever you are, you are very welcome.

We are a growing congregation, made up of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages. Our weekly gatherings are joyful and hope-filled, with a focus on keeping Jesus at the centre of everything.

The message of Jesus is a big enough idea to try to get your mind around without additional obstacles, and so we try not to create barriers by using insider language or rituals that people don’t understand.  We draw on a variety of worship styles, from traditional to contemporary, and always try to explain what we are doing in each part of the service. We receive an offering, which is an opportunity for our members and regular attenders to support the vision and ministry of the church; no one is under any obligation to give – especially visitors and guests.

Come as you are to TFW. Whether you feel most comfortable in a pair of jeans, or in a shirt and tie, you will find people friendly and welcoming.  We serve tea and coffee after our morning service which is a good chance to mingle and strike up a conversation with someone.

Our belief is that church is not just a place to come and ‘consume’ but a place to give yourself to be in community with others. In that sense, the church really is a family that belongs to one another – an expression of a new way of living.